By distributing famous brands around the world, we share a successful tomorrow for our customers.

The Distribution Division, which was established with the belief that we are 'the face of PROTOOL',
has become the mainstay of the industrial materials, which was nothing more than a wasteland 50 years ago,
and has been striving to provide the best products to the Korean market.
market. As a result of such hard work, we have made a significant contribution to the remarkable growth of the industrial materials.

This Distribution Division is a key division representing PROTOOL in deed as well as in name,
and has secured high reliability with products and services that meet customer needs and market trends.

Based on 50 years of know-how and trust, PROTOOL's Distribution Division promises to provide various brands
from the world's best famous brands to competitive special brands with the best service.



We will make it no matter what.


  • Continuous research and
    challenging spirit
    to provide
    the best value

  • Principle of putting
    the promiseto the
    customer first

  • Perfection and sophistication
    that does not
    tolerate even
    an inch of error

  • The best value is
    customer satisfaction.


  • The Automotive Division pursues sophistication and detail.
  • We work with a professional mind, including painting, sanding booths, equipment and tool delivery, and regular inspections.
  • We design drawings such as layout drawings, floor plans, and detailed drawings for each part perfectly.
  • Through local delivery inspection and shipment, we quickly bring products into port according to local conditions in the US and Europe etc.
  • We are responsible for precision construction through project collaboration and cooperation with technicians.
  • We promptly issue a certificate of authorization or permission from a government office.
  • We maximize customer satisfaction and minimize damage through more thorough management after construction.
  • We manage the entire process with ONE-STOP service, and we can respond quickly to each site.


Hanam Service Center, Deutsch Motors
  • In line with the urgent change in the supply schedule, we went directly to Italy to check the production schedule.
  • Transported 10 tons of goods via air which was said to be impossible.
  • Reduced delivery period from 45 days to just 1 week.
  • Construction was completed with the shortened total construction period from 4 to 2 months.
Jeju Service Center, Deutsch Motors

Introduced the electric booth method that broke away from the existing gas method for the first time. (Reflected changes on road excavation prohibition due to the Jeju Special Act.)

Deutsch Autoworld, Suwon

Constructed in June 2020, introduced the one-stop service for the first time.

  • 2100kw electric distribution box installed.
  • Floor polishing tile installed and city gas intaken.
  • Electric secondary side constructed.
  • FIT Backfill
  • Lift installed.
  • Various air piping processed
  • Painting booth duct constructed.


Construction is carried out after confirming the construction method and specifications suitable for the brands, including Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Jaguar/Land Rover, Maserati, etc.




We pioneer a new path with 15 years of know-how in the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry, which requires precision, is a high-value-added industry centered on technology
as a future industry with infinite possibilities that are expected to be more promising than now.

In addition, it can be said that it is an unexplored field and a key industry in technological competition to the extent that it reflects the technological reversal situation of the country.

Our Aviation Division is constantly discovering premium tools from around the world related to new technologies in line with the importance and growth of the aerospace industry.
Based on solid partnerships with various tool manufacturers with a long history, we are trying to quickly supply the latest tools needed in the country.

In addition, we are accelerating change and creating new markets to meet the needs of our growing number of civil airlines, military and other aerospace technology companies.

Our Aviation Division not only contributes to the development and market expansion of the aerospace industry,
but also puts customer safety first, leading and disseminating the highest quality tools.
In addition, we will be reborn as a customer-oriented company that constantly listens to customers and provides products and services that fit them.

PROTOOL's Aviation Division

has been supplying to various companies such as aviation-related defense industry, army and air force, aviation-related schools, civil aviation, foreign airlines, Korea Forest Service, fire department,
civil aircraft assembly company, etc., and have also undergone corresponding changes in the aerospace industry.

Customer Introduction

Brand Introduction


We provide the world's best premium woodworking products with the best service.

  • Online
    • Premium online shopping mall operation
    • Expansion of business area through online partnership
    • SProviding information in various fields such as social media, YouTube, brand product introduction page, etc.
  • Offline
    • Offline store renewal
    • Premium tool display Studio opening
  • SNS
    • Increase brand value through brand promotion activities
    • A place for communication and information sharing with various consumers
  • Youtube
    • Provision of information on the correct use of various tools
    • Provision of quality information about the brand of the product that is not well known.
  • BrandSite
    • Website creation for each woodworking brand
    • Full Korean site provides detailed information on brand products

Brand Introduction


PROTOOL wants to provide a tool that maximizes the customer's ability, a valuable tool.
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