• Founded Shinheung Trading Co., Ltd. in 1968

    “From Shinheung Trading Co., Ltd. to PROTOOL”

    In 1968, when the industry in South Korea started, we started as a small pedlar called “Shinheung Trading Co., Ltd.”.
    Yong Soon Song, the president of Shinheung Trading Co., Ltd., who opened a small shop and office of 16 m2 and started business with only one bag, continued to develop the company with the mindset that he would not give up even in the face of adversity, emphasizing the principle of honesty.
    This Shinheung Trading Co., Ltd. is the first generation of tool distribution industry, the history of tool distribution in South Korea itself.
    As a result, Shinheung Trading Co., Ltd. went through Shinheung Sejin Co., Ltd. to PROTOOL Co., Ltd.

  • Moved to the new office building in Doksan-dong in 2005

    “A new challenge that no one has ever tried”

    PROTOOL moved out of a small shop in Cheonggye in 2005 and moved its office building to Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (current headquarters).
    It was unimaginable at the time to think of moving out of Cheonggye, which is still called the center of tooling industry, but it was decided that space expansion and brand expansion were the only best way for the company and customers, and through this, we succeeded to form the current premium brand lines. It is the spirit of PROTOOL to choose a new path that no one has dared to try.

  • Established a new distribution center in 2017

    “Systematization of Logistics System”

    By expanding and relocating a logistics center with 1 basement level and 3 above ground levels (Area of 13,000m2, Total floor area of 6,000m2) to Sejong City, the logistics system that was handled at the headquarters in Doksan-dong was successfully established in Sejong City, and we became to have a systematic and reliable logistics system.
    Through this Sejong Distribution Center, we are growing into a top-notch premium tool distribution company and a global company that always does its best for customer satisfaction.

  • Introduced "VARO", B2B online ordering system in 2021

    “Efforts to be closer to customers”

    PROTOOL is making new innovations. In the current situation where online sales are being emphasized according to the flow of the non-face-to-face era, PROTOOL has introduced VARO, a B2B online ordering system that allows customers to conveniently check and order anytime, anywhere. The VARO system allows customers to check inventory information, product information, and market status information in real time, and makes ordering easier through an easy-to-see interface and quick-to-use. It is one of the great possibilities that PROTOOL shows, always challenging new things.