• We appreciate deeply to our customers

    who have loved and supported PROTOOL.

    Founded in 1968, PROTOOL has contributed greatly to the development of Korean
    industry by distributing premium tool products around the world. After 50 years of
    experience in developing multiple brands and products and continuous product
    innovation, PROTOOL has become a mainstay of the industrial materials and is
    leading the market. In addition, we are doing our best to fulfill our social
    responsibility as a company by publishing the industry's first tool history book,
    "Kkeun (String)", to summarize the history of the industry and to suggest the
    future for the next generation.

  • We are a customer-oriented company

    that leads change and innovation.

    PROTOOL will not be afraid of innovation and change in the future, and will spare
    no effort in providing the best quality and service that meets the needs of
    customers, and more than what customers expect.

    In addition, we will use the advent of the non-face-to-face era as an opportunity
    to respond urgently and quickly to changes in the market and customers, leading
    to solid trust with customers and the future of the industrial materials.

    Thank you.