PROTOOL has built a strong trust with customers for 50 years.
    With the mindset of always being with customers, we will also pursue transactions based on trust for the next 100 years.


    For PROTOOL, communication means all kinds of interaction with all stakeholders, including customers, markets, and members.
    We will move forward for the happiness and satisfaction of everyone through a forward-looking spirit that respects each person's thoughts and beliefs and accepts all possibilities.


    PROTOOL prioritizes the ability to deeply empathize with others.
    The core value of understanding and responding through empathy means the essence of PROTOOL's past and present management and is the root of the management environment for a better future.


    PROTOOL is a company leading the innovation of the new future.
    We are focusing on strengthening our competitiveness by quickly identifying customer needs and market trends, developing new products and new brands, and reinvesting in future profitability through continuous research.


    For PROTOOL, change is a value we are familiar with and take for granted.
    Members of PROTOOL are not afraid of change and are always working hard to introduce new work and systems with a positive mind. Changing for customers is the core value of PROTOOL.